Mercedes-Benz 950.04 Actros 1831 Print as pdf

  • Brand: Mercedes-Benz
  • Type: 950.04 Actros 1831
  • Kind of vehicle: Special car
  • Mileage: 523,832 km
  • Lot number: BWL205448
  • Location: Noord-Holland
  • Delivery date: Wk 11 2020

Internal sizes

Body builder BURTEC Emulsie spuitunit
Loading length
Floor height


    Lifting capacity
    Inspection date of construction
    Construction Description Emulsie/kleefwagen van Burtec. Type TSU5500L. 1500 liter water. 4000 liter emulsie Bezem is als optie bij te kopen. Burtec bezem BB235/80S
    Construction year 15-01-2003
    Chassis number `WDB9500441K735601
    APK 24-02-2021
    Engine power 230 kW / 313 HP
    Fuel Diesel
    Euro norm Euro 3
    Tachograph Analog
    Gear box EPS 3 pedaal
    Wheelbase (mm) 390 mm
    Own weight (kg) 12,840 kg
    Total weight (kg) 18,600 kg
    Front axle (kg) 0 kg
    Load capacity (kg) 5,760 kg
    Towbar No
    Max mass AHW/GCW (kg) 0 kg
    Axis configuration 4x2
    Suspension Air/Air
    Cabin version
    Location Noord-Holland
    Delivery date Wk 11 2020

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